Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Last morning in February. This is the parking lot at a Camping World near Portland, Oregon. It was snowing, but you can't see the flakes very well. A cold, wet morning. Remember, clicking a picture will enlarge it. This will be the last of the feb07 blog.

Was this truck parked in Japan? Do they have Chinese restaurants in Japan? Does AJ own this truck?

A wheel to be proud of! This bike is made by Ironhorse, it's in the shop at Sherm's Cycle Products for some electrical work. 113 S&S engine with a lot of "go fast" goodies. Guy is having fun playing with this one. The local Harley shop wouldn't touch it!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Battle Rock. 55 miles south of Coos Bay. The rain has stopped, looks like it will be a nice day...WRONG! We had heavy rain or slush or snow most of the way down and back today.

Richard, Pat (Bro and Sis), Mario (prospective son-in-law), Judy and Gary (Gary is Pat's youngest son, Judy is his wife.

Richard, Alice, Mario,Pauline, Gary, Judy, and Pat. 3 generations. Mario is newly engaged to Katie, Gary and Judy's daughter.

Julie likes to hang on and look out the window. Diet Snapple makes the trip easier.