Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Last morning in February. This is the parking lot at a Camping World near Portland, Oregon. It was snowing, but you can't see the flakes very well. A cold, wet morning. Remember, clicking a picture will enlarge it. This will be the last of the feb07 blog.

Was this truck parked in Japan? Do they have Chinese restaurants in Japan? Does AJ own this truck?

A wheel to be proud of! This bike is made by Ironhorse, it's in the shop at Sherm's Cycle Products for some electrical work. 113 S&S engine with a lot of "go fast" goodies. Guy is having fun playing with this one. The local Harley shop wouldn't touch it!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Battle Rock. 55 miles south of Coos Bay. The rain has stopped, looks like it will be a nice day...WRONG! We had heavy rain or slush or snow most of the way down and back today.

Richard, Pat (Bro and Sis), Mario (prospective son-in-law), Judy and Gary (Gary is Pat's youngest son, Judy is his wife.

Richard, Alice, Mario,Pauline, Gary, Judy, and Pat. 3 generations. Mario is newly engaged to Katie, Gary and Judy's daughter.

Julie likes to hang on and look out the window. Diet Snapple makes the trip easier.

The Snowplows are out! This is on Hwy 101, the COAST route!

Not often you see this on Hwy 101. This is between Orick and Klamath, California, 22 Feb 07.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Tomorrow, February 20, 2007, George and Kay Gebhardt will celebrate 64 years of Wedded Bliss.

Lunch at the Lucky Dragon. We took George and Kay Gebhardt out to lunch for the 64th Wedding Anniversary...20 Feb 07.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sherm & Pat, Preston & Karen, Cathy and Bob. At Momma Mia's for Valentine's day dinner. It was good!
Dessert! The end of a perfect meal!

Friday, February 9, 2007

1st Wing ride of 2007! I waited until the flowering trees busted out with blossoms. It was 68 when I took this picture, and the pavement was dry! The new tires I installed last November feel perfect, they are about 1.5 inches larger in diameter. In the 75 miles I rode today, I think I'm going to really be happy with them. The Helix is going to be put away's time for Rambler to Roll!
I bought this little dangler in Gila Bend, Arizona. The Deals Gap bell hangs from the other side.
All these figures have some special meaning to me.
This goo is actually Salmon colored, don't know why it turned out yellow in the picture. I tried photo shop to get it the right color, but it changed the whole picture, so just left it. Smoked Salmon with some onions, and seasoning and other stuff..for a buck 95 you can get a nice little container full. It's very good with any kind of chips, but I like it best with plain old soda crackers!
I stopped here to pick up a couple shrimp cocktails to go with dinner tonight. This place is about a block from the headquarter motel (Captain John's) for the Oregon Trail VROC rally in 2008! They have a great deli, and all sorts of fresh fish for sale.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Preston, Karen, Ronda, Donna, and Pat. All except Preston were cheering for the Colts! We ate too much, but had fun watching the game. Superbowl Sunday, Feb 4th, 2007. Just a year ago we were in our rental house in Mexico watching the game in Spanish. Sure seems like longer than that. Been a lot of miles under the tires since then.
Bob will be 57 tomorrow! This is the good friend that almost lost his hand in a lathe about 3 years ago. It healed up pretty well. He's now working as a foreman in a machine shop that services 6 lumber mills.
Sherm showing Karen a new book on Cactus plants. This will come in handy on the next trip to Arizona!
Leaving the house. Some of us are going for a walk before the Superbowl game.
Pat (with Julie), Sherm, Ronda, Karen & Preston. On one of the walking trails near our house. Superbowl Sunday. Walking off our breakfast so we can eat more snacks during the game.
February 1st, 2007. We had to run up the coast to deliver some Visitor Magazines today, stopped to snap this picture of Heceta Head Light house. This is just North of the Sea Lion Caves on Hiway 101, North of the city of Florence.
We had Christmas on February 3rd. Since we were gone over the holidays, "The Gang" got together last night for our annual gift exchange.
Empire Lakes are about are less than a half mile from our house. There are some nice walking trails around the 2 lakes, and some nice little beaches. This is February 4, 07. Super Bowl Sunday, and these people are out enjoying the water! A little chilly for me, but it was a nice day.
A neighbor has a business selling clothing to the drag racing people. Maybe they know Bob Denny.
Geno tried on Pat's belly dancing coin sash. He looked good, but didn't wiggle much.